Creating Custom Handle Boxes! A Step-By-Step Guide

Handle boxes are used for various purposes. You can package your different outcomes in handle boxes like decoration pieces, desserts, ceramics, food items, and many more. Custom handle boxes can easily be transported because of the handle on top of the boxes. Diverse types of styles, designs, shapes, and sizes are available for handle boxes based on the customer’s requirements.

High-quality print of boxes will make them look attractive and innovative and grab the customer’s attention more than the effects. Cardboard boxes provide space for small and medium-sized products such as packaged foods, cosmetics, apparel, or gift packaging. Therefore, easy-grip handles with a broad range of customized designs enable easy carrying from one place to another. 

What Are Custom Handle Boxes Designs?

Custom boxes with handles and wholesale packaging are used for different purposes, especially for carrying the product conveniently. Handle boxes are used for different products like electronic goods, food items, and many more. Further, cardboard handle boxes are convenient to carry from one place to another because of the handle on the top of the box.

Customization Of Handle Boxes

Customizing wholesale handle boxes can add handles anywhere as long as it maintains box equilibrium. Different options for handle boxes can create a radical wholesale box of handles anywhere if it maintains the box equilibrium signature design. Consider a place that doesn’t interfere with the presentation of the different products. 

A wholesale box with a handle is designed to meet the needs of each manufacturer. Handle boxes are personalized in different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs depending on the product and customer’s requirements.

Enticing Material Used For Boxes

Custom handle boxes are made of high-quality material. They are suitable for storing edible products, such as cakes, pastries, and chocolates, which are susceptible to moisture, heat, and sunlight abrasion. Therefore, cardboard window handle boxes enhance your product’s visual design. 

Custom boxes are suitable for gifts as well as for storing valuable products. Handle box design is ideal for pizza and Chinese food chains. The packaging of boxes is suitable for handing over and displaying products due to their various printing options.

Glamorous Outlook With Best Durability (Custom Handle Boxes)

For packaging of eatables, baby products, sweets and lots of other things printed handle boxes are a flawless choice. The substances used in making such handle boxes vary based on the items to be transported. Handle packages are produced from the greatest quality stock.

  • Kraft boxes increase the product’s aesthetic factors
  • Eco-friendly packages are ecological and modern strategies are available for their customization
  • The custom handle boxes are wonderful for one’s jewelry and are optimal for the safe storage of expensive accessories.
Vibrant Printing And Color Schemes

Customers love vibrant and bright color choices. Wholesale handle boxes are designed with different printing techniques and colors according to customer needs. Digital and offset printing are options. Digital printing lasts shorter. Offset printing maintains the color on the boxes for the longest time.

Therefore, the most generally used color strategies are CMYK and PMS. The CMYK color system should have 4 fundamental colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) to make shades of colors. PMS (Pantone Matching System) offers definitive colors and shades. You can use these color techniques on the handle box design.

Premium Themes Decorative Features

You can offer a lot of design components like gloss coating, matte coating, ultraviolet coating, embossing, debossing, glittering, ribbons, gold foiling, silver foiling, and much more additional to personalize your handle boxes. You can keep your costly items safe by packing them in boxes with vibrant color strategies.

  • Sparkling laces and pretty bows can be added along with a window for gift items and birthday cake flip-top packaging at wholesale rate.
  • Wedding handle packages with a white color system and lovely hearts and flowers are a highly challenging product nowadays in the market.
  • Furthermore, give spirit to the party for your children along with handle boxes with cartoon characters printed on them.


As we know, all businesses strive to decrease packaging costs without limiting the protection of their product. But most of the moment, getting both elements in one product takes a lot of work. However, custom box design has got you covered.  Handle packaging is made of paper-based material derived from softwood. Due to its abundance, this raw material has a more inferior expense. The recyclable component of this material also reduces its expense. 

Conclusion of Custom Handle Boxes

Custom handle boxes are designed to meet your carrying problems as they make it suitable for customers to carry their brand outcomes during moving. Creative, sturdy, and gorgeous handle packaging will help your items to sell more. If you are running a business, it will help your product’s presentation to make individuals more curious about your brand.

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