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Four Early Sneaker Trends of 2024

Four Early Sneaker Trends 2024 | 2024 Sneakers

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2024 Sneakers companies are showcasing different retro models to start 2024 | Sneaker Trends 2024

The beginning of a new year always brings us hope and a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Sometimes, small changes in your clothing can help you feel like a new person. But where do you start, and what are the things that are appropriate these days?

Microtrends have rapidly advanced the new fashion to the point where people from the same community are in different styles of clothing. Defining modern style, like hitting a target while constantly moving, requires appreciation. However, brands are giving us clues through the sneaker releases of the first week of fashion, which are currently ongoing.”

Four Early Sneaker Trends 2024

Highlighting four early 2024 Sneaker trends.


Four Early Sneaker Trends of 2024 | 2024 Sneakers

Contrary to some brands, Adidas always makes it clear which sneakers it wants to emphasize. This year, it seems that Adidas will focus its marketing efforts on the Superstar model.

In 2023, along with the Samba, another retro sneaker that gained popularity, the kickoff for 2024 is happening with two Superstar Colorway variations. Online shoppers can explore the collection on the Adidas website.


Four Early Sneaker Trends of 2024 | 2024 Sneakers

“In the realm of old-fashioned leather shoes, best sneakers 2024 are an essential part of everyone’s rotation. However, the Y2K era brought a roar to the sneakerheads’ scene in 2023 – and the kicks from Ira Sneakers in this design are nothing short of excellent, surpassing even the renowned brand Asics.

Asics kicked off Best Sneakers 2024 by launching two colorways Gel-1130 and Gel-Keyano 14. Online shoppers have the opportunity to explore the brand’s complete collection on the Asics website.”

New Balance

While sticking to the theme of the past technical runners, New Balance introduced the 1906R as part of the “Loner New Air” pack, featuring two colors (a shout-out for our dragons).

The New Balance 1906R is a lightweight shoe with a mesh upper that incorporates the favorite cushioning combination of ABZORB and ENERGY technology. Online shoppers can explore various colors on the New Balance website.


Four Early Sneaker Trends of 2024 | 2024 Sneakers

Ask anyone with a sneakerhead interest about the most popular model in recent years, and they’ll tell you it’s the Nike Dunk Low. So, if it’s not broken, why fix it? Nike’s first lifestyle sneaker release in the Sneaker trends 2024 is the “Dingy Grey” colorway.

This release not only highlights the durability of the Nike Dunk but also shows that people prefer an old aesthetic for their sneakers. Online buyers can choose their preferred colorway of the Nike Dunk Low from various options available on the Nike website.

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