How to choose a Child safety seats for your baby and what aspects you should refer to

Nowadays, many new-generation parents pay special attention to the safety of their babies, especially with the popularization of today’s vehicles. Every family is particularly concerned about the safety of their children when traveling. With this, there are also worries. Many Mothers are choosing safety seats for their babies. At that time, I was almost dazzled by the choices, which caused aesthetic fatigue. Not only did I choose over and over again, I didn’t know which brand was good, let alone which material was good.

Now let me introduce to you moms and dads what you should consider when purchasing a safety seat.

Hard material selection for baby safety seats

The chair frame material of the seat can be divided into four types: plastic steel material, steel material, injection molding material, and blow molding material.

Plastic steel material

is currently widely used in high-end safety seats. It is a chair body structure using plastic carbon steel as the skeleton. It is a steel frame embedded in the plastic chair body, which is equivalent to strong support at the joint between the seat back and the base. The hardness, tensile resistance, and compression resistance of the chair body are greatly improved. In addition, the chair body has better corrosion resistance and more toughness. While reducing weight, it is more convenient to install and disassemble. The most important thing is that this material comprehensively improves the safety factor and risk resistance of the chair body. You can check the offers at eBay discount code NHS

Steel material

It has high hardness, strong resistance to deformation, and relatively high price. If it is a pure steel frame chair body, the risk of breaking when the side of the car is violently impacted will be relatively high, and safety will easily be lost. Moreover, a seat with a pure steel frame will be extremely heavy. Due to inertia, it is easy to exceed the upper load-bearing limit of the safety interface. In the event of an accident, it will not only fail to protect the baby, but also the entire seat will easily fly out.

Injection molding material

Understood, it is a kind of poured plastic. It is molded in one step using abrasive tools, and the whole is relatively smooth. The chair body is solid and has strong pressure and impact resistance. After receiving the impact force, since it is one-piece molded and the whole body is stressed, the risk of fracture will be relatively small. Its impact resistance is much higher than blow molding materials; but it is bulkier and slightly more complicated to install, fold, and disassemble. You can choose this kind of material, but the price will not be too high. You can compare multiple brands when choosing.

Blow molding material

Speaking, it is a kind of plastic that has been blown and inflated. It is hollow inside like a balloon and has a relatively simple structure, so the overall weight of the seat is lighter and it is easy to operate. However, the overall structure is brittle and has poor impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. The overall structural strength is weak, and it is easily broken and explodes when subjected to impact. The safety protection is poor, so it is not recommended to choose this material.

Soft material selection (Baby Safety Seats)

Comfort is measured by the breathability, water absorption, shock absorption, shock resistance, softness, etc. of the soft material of the safety seat when children are riding in it. It is mainly inseparable from the materials used inside. The comfort level of different materials There are also big differences, mainly divided into EPE polyethylene, EPS polystyrene, EPP polypropylene, and PU SpongeThese four types.

Generally, there are three types of fillers for the soft part: EPE, EPS, and EPP, which are mainly used to prevent collision and absorb impact energy. Buyers also purchase at Amazon discount code NHS

EPS material

Commonly known as polystyrene, also known as foam plastic, the color is gray-white. It is soft to the touch, light in weight, has good insulation and heat insulation, and is a lightweight anti-buffering material. It has good anti-buffering and shock-absorbing capabilities. If it is a whole piece of material, it will easily break into particles after being subjected to external force. It produces toxic gasses when burned and does not fall into the category of environmentally friendly materials. Its price is relatively cheap.

EPE material

Commonly known as polyethylene, it is white and feels soft, comfortable, and smooth. It has good waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-absorbing, and earthquake-resistant properties and good plasticity and toughness. However, this material does not absorb water and is an environmentally friendly material. The price is slightly higher.

EPP material

Commonly known as polypropylene, its price is much higher than EPS. It has good elasticity and resilience, so its earthquake resistance and ability to absorb impact energy are very outstanding. In addition, it is light in weight, high in strength, and can be water-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. It does not produce toxic gasses when burned and is a degradable and environmentally friendly material.

PU material for baby safety seats

It is what we usually call a high-density sponge, which is some honeycomb or fibrous material sponge. It is usually installed under or behind the seat. Their main function is to absorb impact energy and increase comfort and breathability.

Select reference

In-car interface selection:

The interface methods of child seats are divided into the ISOFIX interface and the LATCH interface. When choosing a child safety seat, you need to check the child seat interface on the car. Child safety seats with ISOFIX interface can be installed on cars that provide ISOFIX interface. It can also be installed on car seats with a LATCH interface, but child safety seats with a LATCH interface can only be installed on cars that provide a LATCH interface. When purchasing a child safety seat, you need to understand the car’s interface situation. The interface for two compartments is usually behind the rear seats, and for three compartments it is usually behind the rear seat headrest.

Age and weight selection:

Children of different ages and weights need to choose different types of safety seats. What needs to be strictly observed is the upper weight limit of the safety seat. The installation direction of the child seat should be selected according to the weight of the child. Because babies develop very quickly during their growth period, there is currently no one. This seat can fully meet the needs of babies at all stages, and the purchase needs to be weighed according to the actual situation.

Certification standard selection:

When choosing a child safety seat, you need to check the relevant safety certification standards. First of all, it must have domestic 3C standard certification. If it also has a European ECE certification or a German ADAC-certified child safety seat, the safety will be more guaranteed. If there is no certification standard, it means that it does not have the function of security protection. You can visit at car info checker discount code NHS

Through the above understanding of the hard and soft materials of safety seats, I believe that all mothers have a certain understanding of safety seats and will be well aware of them when purchasing. Baby safety is the top priority of every family. Parents should be strict and make the best choice. In this way, your baby can be equipped with a set of safe protective clothing. All we parents can do is prepare for a rainy day and nip problems in the bud.

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