In-Depth Rawlings Footwear Reviews & Ratings

For athletes looking for high-quality, durable footwear built for performance, Rawlings is a brand that deserves serious consideration. Rawlings Footwear has been crafting athletic shoes and cleats since the 1960s, gaining a reputation for innovative design, premium materials, and excellent construction.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at Rawlings shoes across their major product lines, including details on features, sizing, comfort, style, and pricing. Whether you play baseball, football, or other sports, read on for the full scoop to help determine if Rawlings is the right footwear choice for you.

About Rawlings Footwear

History and Background

The Rawlings brand dates back to 1887 when the company first started producing uniforms and gloves. They began designing athletic shoes in the 1960s, quickly gaining traction with baseball and football players.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Rawlings is now a leading manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel. For footwear, they’ve continued to build on their heritage of quality craftsmanship and innovation targeted at serious athletes.

Types of Shoes Offered

Rawlings footwear comes in both shoes and cleats for a variety of sports. Their primary product lines include:

  • Baseball – Molded and detachable cleats for turf and grass. High, mid, and low-top options.
  • Softball – Molded, metal, and turf cleats for all player positions.
  • Football – Detachable and molded football cleats. High-top and low-top variants.
  • Other – Training shoes, turf shoes, slides, and casual sneakers.

So whether you play baseball, softball, football, soccer, or lacrosse, Rawlings offers options catered to your sport.

Rawlings Baseball & Softball Shoes

Features and Technologies

Rawlings Footwear loads their baseball and softball shoes with performance-enhancing technologies:

  • Power Peel Pro Plate – Plated cleat system for explosiveness.
  • Ignite Foam Midsole – Lightweight comfort and energy return.
  • Aeromesh Linings – Breathable mesh reduces moisture.
  • Rollbar TPU Chassis – Stability and support for quick cuts.
  • DieCut EVA Midsole – Anatomical cushioning.

Top Models Reviewed

Rawlings Raptor Pro Turf Shoes – The Raptor Pro is built for speed and traction on turf fields with its raised rubber nubs. The Dynamic Ignite Foam midsole provides responsive cushioning and energy return.

Rawlings Velo Hybrid Metal Cleats – With its hybrid metal and molded heel, the Velo is ideal for maximizing acceleration and traction. Its low profile enhances feel and control.

Rawlings Rover Pro T Cleats – Featuring a Power Peel Pro Plate and mounded cleats, the Rover Pro T excels on grass and dirt. Its high-top design provides ankle stability and support.

Rawlings Rover Low Pro Cleats – For a versatile low-top option, the Rover Low Pro has a flexible Power Peel Pro plate and 10 molded cleats for multi-directional traction.

Pricing and Value

Price Ranges of Rawling Footwear

Rawlings shoes range from affordable to premium price points:

  • Non-cleated Shoes – $50 – $120
  • Molded & Turf Cleats – $60 – $140
  • Detachable Cleats – $100 – $250

The higher-end cleats utilize kangaroo leather and advanced carbon plates.

Deals and Sales

Rawlings runs frequent sales on their footwear:

  • Check their website for coupons and sitewide discounts. Sign up for email alerts.
  • Retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hibbett, and Academy Sports offer regular promos on Rawlings shoes.

With a sale, you can grab top-notch Rawlings cleats for under $100.

Coupons and Discounts

The Rawlings coupons are a great way for savvy shoppers to save on premium footwear. These discounts are available periodically, offering an opportunity to acquire Rawlings products at more affordable prices. Keep an eye out for these coupons, which can be found on the Rawlings website or through email alerts. Additionally, retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hibbett, and Academy Sports also offer regular promos on Rawlings shoes. With a sale or a coupon, you can snag top-notch Rawlings cleats for a fraction of the regular price.

In-Depth Rawlings Footwear Review & Ratings

Rawlings Football & Other Cleats

Design and Engineering

For football and lacrosse cleats, Rawlings employs similar technologies for acceleration, grip, and support:

  • Impact Fly Plate – Full-length Pebax plate for explosiveness and stability.
  • Pro Knee Caps – External TPU support promotes proper knee tracking.
  • Air Mesh Tongue – Enhances breathability & comfort.
  • Molded 4D Foam Footbed – Heel and arch support.
Popular Options

Rawlings Clutch Pro Football Cleats – With its molded Pebax plate, the Clutch Pro delivers lightweight traction perfect for shifty cuts and sprints.

Rawlings Afterburner Football Cleats – The Afterburner’s aggressive cleat pattern and Flywire cables offer elite multidirectional grip for straight-line speed.

Rawlings Command 2 Baseball Turf Shoes – Ideal for multi-sport field athletes, the Command 2 has raised rubber for excellent turf traction and support.

Sizing, Widths, and Fit

General Guidance on Sizing

Rawlings footwear runs true to size for most feet. It’s recommended to order your usual shoe size. However, some key tips on fit:

  • Size up 1⁄2 if between sizes to allow room for sport-specific socks.
  • Size up if you have wider feet. Rawlings run on the narrower side.
  • Consider fit for your foot’s volume – cleats should hug the foot without pinching.

Finding the Right Fit

When possible, try shoes on in-store to get the right size, especially with cleats. Focus on the widest part of your foot, ensuring a secure but comfortable midfoot lockdown.

There should be enough room to wiggle toes, but heels shouldn’t be slipping. Take into account sport-specific inserts too.

Durability and Comfort

Materials and Construction

Rawlings uses premium leather and synthetics for excellent durability:

  • Full-grain kips, oiled full-grain, and action leathers.
  • Injected TPU, synthetic overlays, and abrasion-resistant textiles.

Every detail is well-constructed from stitching to laces, built for the demands of competition.

Cushioning and Support

From the collar to the footbed, Rawlings packs in padded cushioning for comfort:

  • Plush padded collars, tongues, and rear linings.
  • Molded foam footbeds for arch and heel support.
  • Ignite foam, Aeromesh, and DieCut midsoles for responsive cushioning.

The result is a shoe that remains comfortable even during extended wear.

Rawlings Footwear Style and Design

Aesthetics and Color Options

Rawlings shoes feature bold, athletic styling perfect for the field or court:

  • Sleek, technical profiles in high and low-top silhouettes.
  • Combinations of leather, synthetics, and mesh for texture and depth.
  • Colorways range from classic team hues to bright, eye-catching schemes.

There are options to match any athlete’s style.

Classic vs Modern Looks

Rawlings offers both classic and modern aesthetic choices:

  • Heritage Models – Rich leathers and vintage detailing for a timeless vibe.
  • Innovative Styles – Cutting-edge woven textiles and bright pops of color for a contemporary look.

Regardless of preference, all Rawlings models share a premium-crafted appearance.

Conclusion and Recommendations

For baseball, softball, football, and lacrosse athletes needing purpose-built rawling footwear with premium craftsmanship, Rawlings is an excellent brand to consider. Their shoes offer the cutting-edge tech and high-quality materials necessary for peak performance.

If you prioritize factors like fit, traction, stability, and comfort, investing in a pair of Rawlings cleats or turf shoes is highly recommended. Take advantage of sales and promotions to get the most value. Just be sure to order the proper size and account for sport-specific socks.

Overall, Rawlings stands out as a top athletic footwear manufacturer with options for every position and playing surface. Give their shoes serious consideration for your next purchase.


Q: Where are Rawlings Footwear made?

A: The majority of Rawlings footwear is produced in China and Vietnam, with some high-end models handcrafted in their St. Louis factory. All shoes undergo rigorous inspection and testing.

Q: How long do Rawlings shoes last?

A: With proper care, Rawlings shoes typically last 1-2 full seasons of athletic use before needing replacement. Higher-end leather models may last longer.

Q: Are there wide-width options?

A: Some select Rawlings footwear come in wide widths, but most run narrow/medium. Wider sizes can be special ordered in certain models. Check with a retailer.

Q: Can I customize my Rawlings cleats?

A: Yes, Rawlings offers custom team and personal ID cleat options on certain models. You pick colors and can add your name or number. Lead times apply.

Q: What is Rawlings’ return policy?

A: Unworn Rawlings shoes can be returned within 30 days in new condition. Returns must have original tags and packaging. Check retailer policies which may differ.

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