What is called a shoe? Meaning of Shoes

“A shoe is a piece of clothing designed to protect and provide comfort to a person’s feet. While the human foot can encounter various terrains and weather conditions, it is susceptible to potential harm. Shoes serve the purpose of offering protection. Originally, they were primarily crafted as functional items, but over time, shoes have evolved into fashion items.

Some shoes, such as steel-toe boots, are designed for protective purposes and are commonly worn in industrial settings where safety is crucial. Additionally, shoes come in various designs, such as high heels, often worn in formal settings or by women for special occasions.

Contemporary footwear varies in style, complexity, and price. Basic sandals, made from simple materials like thin soles and plain straps, can be sold at a lower price. On the other hand, high-fashion shoes created by renowned designers are made from expensive materials, involve intricate craftsmanship, and are sold at high prices.

Certain shoes are specifically designed for particular activities, such as hiking boots for climbing mountains or specialized sports shoes like sneakers that have transitioned from sports to everyday wear.

In the past, shoes were crafted using materials such as leather, wood, or canvas. However, the industry has shifted towards using rubber, plastic, and other petroleum-derived materials for manufacturing. The global footwear industry is a massive market, with an annual value of around 200 billion dollars. Unfortunately, about 90% of discarded shoes end up in landfills, as separating materials and recycling or reusing them is challenging.”

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