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What shoes will be popular in 2024? 6 Best Shoe Trends for Spring 2024

What shoes will be popular in 2024? 6 Best Shoe Trends for Spring 2024

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“Shoes are always one of the best things you can buy for yourself. Try arguing with me on that! Seriously, no one can dispute the truth :). Shoes can automatically change how anyone looks, and honestly, your choice of 2024 shoes trend says a lot about you. Whether you prefer a more comfortable style or sky-high heels, staying updated on trend forecasts is essential to know which designs are perfect for your unique vibes.

With the conclusion of the 2024 fashion shoes season, I’ve identified some key shoe trends for the upcoming season. I’m excited to share because this year’s shoe styles are beautiful! Okay, okay, some interesting styles include flip flops, 3D florals, PVC heels, combining hosiery, feminine touches and appliqués, and metallic heel accents. I’ll spare you the trouble of trying to imagine all of these; just scroll through to get some inspiration for next spring :).”

Flip Flops

“A flip-flop sandal is usually very common, but it might be the season’s hottest shoe. There were different versions of them, from Bottega Veneta to Tory Burch. On the runway, there were various choices; some were more minimalistic (like Chanel’s), but others had more embellishments (like Miu Miu’s).”

3D Florals

“This season, 3D florals can stand out. The theme was everywhere—from clothing to accessories! A pair of 3D floral shoes could be a statement piece for your outfit in the upcoming season.”


“The clear PVC was another trend found in almost all areas of accessories, especially in jewelry, bags, and shoes. Transparent PVC shoes are usually easy to pair with anything, and we also love the simplicity of styling them.”

Hosiery Pairings

“We all need a bit of hosiery in life to bring some beautiful academic vibes. Look for a combination of sandals and pumps on the runway. The Givenchy hosiery pump stood out. Seriously, it’s like a chef’s kiss!”

All Dainty

Soft, pretty appliqués have been seen on many shoes, whether they are flats or pumps. Enhance your style with an extra touch of sweetness with this trend.

Metallic Accents 2024 Shoes Tend

“In different collections, metallic accent heels were a stylish and tall pump trend. There were many variations, like a slim artistic heel with wrap details or a metallic heel in a mule shape. It’s all just so beautiful.”

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